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最新版《童話天地 Jackanory Junior》13集(全)

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最新版《童話天地 Jackanory Junior》13集(全)
最新版《童話天地 Jackanory Junior》13集(全)英文發音 DVD版(MP4影像班講座(MP4檔,可在家用電腦+iPAD+iPhone+iPod+Android 平版系統+Android 手機系統播放,可看一輩子)

1x01 The Last Polar Bears
Martin Clunes tells Harry Horse's story of a journey to the North Pole with Roo the dog.

1x02 The Woman Who Won Things
Sophie Okonedo tells the story of the Gaskitt family, their cats, and a supply teacher.

1x03 The King of Capri
Holly Aird tells the Jeanette Winterson tale of a selfish king and his washerwoman love.

1x04 The Bun Gun
Amanda Abbington tells Jeremy Strong's wacky story about a pirate school and its dinners.

1x05 The Mousehole Cat
The tale of Mowser, a Cornish cat, and her battle to save the village of Mousehole.

1x06 King Arthur and the Mighty Contest
Kris Marshall tells Tony Mitton's tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

1x07 The Great Tug of War
The story of a cheeky hare who persuades a hippo and an elephant to have a tug-of-war.

1x08 The Princess and the Unicorn
Daniela Nardini tells Wendy Blaxland's tale of a princess and her quest to find a unicorn.

1x09 Jack and the Beanstalk
Nadine Marshall tells the classic fairytale.

1x10 Fig's Giant
Art Malik reads Geraldine McCaughrean's re-telling of Gulliver's Travels.

1x11 Ellie and the Cat
Tisha Martin tells Malorie Blackman's story of a spoilt girl who gets turned into a cat.

1x12 Bob and the House Elves
Lee Cornes tells the story of Bob, whose house is invaded by elves.

1x13 The Enormous Crocodile
Lenny Henry tells the classic Roald Dahl tale of a nasty, greedy crocodile.

S02E01 - The Gruffalo & Room On The Broom (Told By Sanjeev Bhaskar)
Sanjeev Bhaskar reads two classic children's stories by Julia Donaldson
S02E02 - Shampoozel (Told By Jo Brand)
Shampoozel is imprisoned and grows her hair. Prince Gary Baldie sets out to rescue her.

S02E03 - The Crucial Plan & Da Bag-a Bling (Told By Lenny Henry)
Lenny Henry reads two tales about the coolest crime-bustin' mouse in the world.

S02E04 - The Last Cowboys (Told By Martin Freeman)
The story of a dog called Roo, who searches for his long-lost grandfather.

S02E05 - Harold And The Duck (Told By Sheridan Smith)
Sheridan Smith reads the story of Harold, a happy dog living on a farm.

S02E06 - The Monster Crisp-Guzzler (Told By Angela Griffin)
The tale of Mowser, a Cornish cat, and her battle to save the village of Mousehole.

S02E07 - Let's Go Home, Little Bear & Can't You Sleep Little Bear (Told By Ramon Tikaram)
Ramon Tikaram reads two classic children's stories about a family of bears.

S02E08 - The Twelve Dancing Princesses (Told By Rupert Penry-Jones)
Rupert Penry-Jones reads a reworking of the Brothers Grimm tale, illustrated by Jane Ray.

S02E09 - Dimity Dumpty & Jethro Byrde, Fairy Child (Told By Sally Hawkins)
Sally Hawkins reads two classic stories about little people.

S02E10 - The Toad Prince (Told By Dervla Kirwan)
Dervla Kirwan reads the story of a toad who fell in love with a princess.

S02E11 - The Snow Dragon (Told By Adrian Lester)
Adrian Lester reads the story of the evil Fire Dragons and the last remaining Snow Dragon.

S02E12 - Explorer Trauma (Told By Tamsin Grieg)
Tamsin Grieg reads the story of Indiana and the most embarrassing parents in the world.

S02E13 - The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark (Told By Alun Armstrong)
Alun Armstrong reads the story of a barn owl called Plop who is afraid of the dark.